“Intentional, motivational, and diligent are words I use to describe Ashira. The most valuable aspect of her coaching style is that it is not intimidating. She helps me look deeper for the answers that I already know, but haven’t been properly guided to find on my own. She helped guide me to discover new strengths or hidden strengths by posing questions that I’ve never asked or answered bravely.”

-Foreign English Teacher

“Engaging a coach means you are ready for change. Or at least ready to consider change. Ashira has a unique ability to help one move from thinking about change to actually changing. She mixes pointed questioning with opportunities for self-reflection, talking with listening, gentle encouragement with “Go!” I see myself in a new, more confident light since working with Ashira. That shift in attitude has propelled me forward into new ventures. None of that would have happened without Ashira’s guidance.”

-Manager Leadership Development

“Ashira’s talent is reflected in her ability to listen and successfully mitigate any challenges associated with the deconstruction of self. As a result of our partnership, I have been propelled into a liberating journey in which I have learned how to take control and accentuate the positive aspects my life. Gaining clarity about my goals and values is the single most important change I’ve experienced from working with Ashira. Anyone seeking a fresh start and sense of direction in their personal and professional life would benefit greatly by choosing Ashira as their coach.”

-High School Educator

“I started working with Ashira when I was feeling stuck in my work life. The most important shift I experienced was an acceptance of my unique personal beliefs and goals. It was refreshing and reaffirming to have confirmation that what works for other people may not work for me. I have found a career that works on my terms and I am so thankful for Ashira’s guidance in getting me here. Ashira works well with people who are in flux because she can help them see the big picture.”

-Middle School Educator

“I really enjoyed being coached by Ashira because she always led you to getting answers for yourself. Ashira’s coaching was the first step towards me mending one of the relationships in my life that has really been the lone place of negativity. She definitely has the juice to help people live more fulfilled lives!”

-Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

“Ashira has a very personable and comfortable style that makes a client feel at ease to discuss whatever topic they want. Her coaching can be very helpful with someone going through a career change.”

-Meteorologist & Weather Advisor

“Ashira has the ability to hit on issues that are difficult to address in a professional manner. She opened up my heart to see what is really inside and goes below the surface. She is extremely adaptable to a variety of populations, particularly women and young professionals. Ashira is committed to her clients 110%! She was always well prepared and knew where to take me next when I didn’t know what steps to take. She is an amazing woman I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

-Musician / Artist

Ashira coached me through a pivotal transition point in my life. She was that neutral yet powerful instrument I needed to move forward in my personal and professional life. She is a calm, centered, and principled woman who is about living life on purpose. Ashira helped me understand that it is okay to take risks, to keep living by faith, to laugh, and GIVE…to myself sometimes. She held me accountable! Ashira helped me envision what “my perfect” looks like. As my dear friend, she still does. She’s a genuine soul.”