Perfect 10 Development + Coaching is all about creating a life that is your idea of perfect, and nobody else’s. It’s about asking for what you need, unapologetically. It’s about investing love, energy and time in YOU.

In 2016, I quit a lucrative and successful full-time job to take a 6-month career break which allowed me to reflect, refocus and reconnect with my values. Prior to that, I was a Senior Organizational Development Consultant. I executed employee engagement strategies, led team building, and implemented career development and coaching programs. My experience includes executive-level coaching, transition coaching for first-time leaders and coaching for high-potentials

My Values

My top values are freedom, growth, courage, beauty and gratitude. The combination is as unique as my fingerprint and these concepts influence every decision that I make.

My Credentials

I have my bachelor of science degree in management information systems and my master degree in business, both from the University of Nebraska Omaha. I’ve worked for large financial services institutions, universities, a community college and small non profit organizations. I started a resume writing business in 2009 as an outlet for my entrepreneurial ambition, for extra income and most importantly to use my talents to empower those around me. Over time, I realized that my true passion was in coaching and earned my Certified Professional Coactive Coach designation from The Coaches Training Institute.

On a Personal Note

I am an irresistable introvert and I enjoy being the driving force in the background, helping others gain personal insight and achieve their wildest dreams. I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, spent four years in Pensacola, Florida and now live in the D.C. metro area.

In my spare time, I love road cycling, running, hiking and weightlifting.